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Conversion Services

Whiteboard Higher Education has developed a unique and powerful suite of integrated services designed to convert your institution’s prospects into enrolled students.

Our intuitive approach to student conversion has resulted in deeper engagement among students and parents, record application pools, and more predictable enrolling classes. What’s more, our clients have seen a dramatic increase in their return on marketing investment by working smarter rather than harder.

What would you like to do?

Identify Students you are Missing

With our Look-alike Modeling application, Whiteboard leverages hundreds of address-specific wealth and education attributes from the National Consumer Database to find markets where family profiles match your most desired applicants and enrolling students.

This allows our clients to confidently pinpoint new student markets that they might otherwise be missing, purchase lists for those areas, and engage new prospects that have the best chance of converting into applicants and enrolling students.

Ask. Don’t just tell.

Whiteboard’s highly personalized polls of students and parents provide enrollment leaders real-time information throughout the recruitment cycle. Our short, mobile-enabled polls are valuable tools to identify an institution’s top prospects and anticipate the admitted students most likely to enroll.

The polls are designed to facilitate an ongoing dialogue with admission and financial aid representatives so your staff can work smarter rather than harder.

Know More about Families from the Start

Even with the arrival of prior-prior year (PPY) FAFSA data, it is never too early to gain insight into a family’s ability to pay for college.

With Whiteboard’s national consumer data, our clients are privy to the wealth and educational profiles of each of their prospective families based on their home address (not just aggregated at the ZIP code level). This is a true competitive advantage that allows your staff to have more meaningful interactions with students and parents much earlier than ever before.

Put Your Message Where Their Eyes are

The eyes of students and parents are most often on their computers, tablets, and/or mobile devices, so shouldn’t your institution’s brand and messages be there, too?

A smart mix of digital messaging that includes banner ads and social media advertising is delivered in sync with your admissions recruitment calendar. This allows our clients to quickly identify interested students and improve conversion rates at critical points in the recruitment process.

Confidently Anticipate Your Next Class

Utilizing the most sophisticated consumer data and statistical modeling techniques available, Whiteboard will design a customized yield forecast or financial aid awarding strategy to enroll your desired class on target and on budget.

By incorporating data from all of our conversion services, Whiteboard’s predictive models are the most accurate available today. Let us help you confidently anticipate your enrollment results rather than manage surprises!

Predictive Modeling

Institutionally funded financial aid remains the most effective tool to encourage students to choose your college over the competition. Far too many institutions fail to meet their enrollment goals and leave millions of dollars in revenue on the table each year. Let us show you how an enhanced financial aid strategy can help your institution better predict yield, increase net revenue per student, and control discount rate.

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Retention Forecasting


It’s one thing to have students enroll at your institution, it’s quite another to get them to stay and graduate. There is nothing easy about improving retention because there are so many moving parts. That’s why too many retention efforts on college campuses end in frustration.

We don’t have a magic bullet for retaining more students on your campus, but we do have years of experience in combining the best of predictive analytics, survey research, and consultative expertise to provide the data-based information you need to carry out a successful retention program. Every institution has different challenges related to retaining students, therefore, our services are customized for each college or university we serve.

Vision Analytics™

Our search campaigns are organized by seasoned strategists and project managers who have a record of success delivering both student search and student recruitment projects. Our team of experts collaborates with our clients on overall strategy, name buys, design, copy, landing page development, quality assurance, reporting, results, and any and all other elements of a search campaign.