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Financial Aid Optimization

Your institution is unique, your financial aid strategy should be as well

Whiteboard designs custom financial aid awarding strategies for colleges that demand the best results. Period.

We leverage combination of national consumer data, proven statistical modeling techniques, and years of on-the-ground experience to ensure that your class arrives with the expected headcount, profile, and revenue.

Power up your yield strategy with:

  • Applicant and admit polls
  • Digital marketing
  • Application, enrollment, and retention scoring
  • Enrollment management consulting
financial aid

Maximize your return in investment in financial aid

  • Accurately predict yield
  • Drive net revenue
  • Harness the power of household wealth and education data
  • Control discount rate
  • Proactively reach out to families
  • Achieve your enrollment goals
  • Target your “best fit” admits

We boost your enrollment data with over 1,000, family wealth, education, and lifestyle data points from the National Consumer File to produce the most reliable predictive models in today’s market.

Net Worth

Purchasing Power

Parent Education

It’s not magic.

It’s data. It’s science. It’s experience.

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