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Targeted Student Search

The Whiteboard Approach to Student Search, Recruitment, and Conversion

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Whiteboard Higher Education’s offerings are laser-focused on brand building, lead generation, interest cultivation, and conversion at all phases of the student recruitment funnel. We believe in efficiency, we despise waste and we work tirelessly to deliver maximum return on our clients’ recruitment budget.

Traditional student search focuses on responders and non-responders, yet compared to modern day marketing, this approach is a bit of a relic. Marketing today has evolved way beyond traditional approaches and your student search should as well. At Whiteboard we track search performance through an engagement framework. The deeper the student engagement, the more likely they will be to apply and enroll. This approach puts our clients in the driver seat to be more strategic with post search communications based on the students engagement with a campaign.

Our intimate knowledge of enrollment management coupled with our enhanced data solutions and strategic insights delivers immense value to our clients.

Whiteboard has emerged as a true thought leader in targeted student search, delivering the most effective core campaigns in tandem with a combination of complementary campaigns and analytical support, including:

Lifecycle Scoring

Application, deposit, and graduation likelihood

Micro-Modeling for Look-a-like Markets

Better define and expand your reach

Senior Search

Includes a two-way dialogue to gauge application and deposit interest

Junior & Sophomore Search

Includes a two-way dialogue to promote visit and event attendance interest

Parent Search

Engage parents and identify the highest yielding student prospects

Guidance Counselor Search

Engage counselors far beyond traditional outreach

Yield Email Campaigns

Leverage vibrant search content and encourage deposits

Digital Marketing

Enrollment expertise employing the latest technologies that focus on what’s right for each institution’s unique circumstances

A New Partnership Paradigm

When partnering with Whiteboard, your primary points of contact are our senior team, those with the deepest knowledge of and passion for student search and recruitment.

Our clients’ campaigns are created and supported by our award-winning creative team, experienced project managers, and operations experts who have a proven track record of success executing complex campaigns with exceptional logistical and organizational experience.

Whiteboard Higher Education promises unmatched responsiveness, efficiency, flexibility, and collaborative energy with every client engagement that we undertake.

VIP List Acquisition

Whiteboard believes that the audience construction is an incredibly important part of any search campaign. We have deep knowledge of list sources and systems to ensure that our clients choose the optimal audience for outreach campaigns.

Our proprietary Micro-Modeling for Look-a-Like Markets, enables us to provide analyses that identify new markets with families who match your institution's enrollment profile.

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Enhanced Market Intelligence

Whiteboard employs our proprietary national consumer database to append valuable data attributes to your selected students.

By appending highly predictive household income and education data and calculating ability to pay at the address level, we’re able to deliver incredible insight into students and families much earlier in the recruitment process. This enables our clients to segment and prioritize follow-up messaging, outreach, and communications strategies.

Campaign Strategy

At Whiteboard, design and copy are inseparable – interwoven together at every stage. This allows us to create vibrant, compelling recruitment emails for our clients and break through inbox clutter.

The length and duration of our campaigns span the time period when both your competition are reaching out to these students and the students are paying the maximum attention to recruitment messages.

Our clients have achieved engagement rates dramatically higher than what they’ve achieved before.

Recipients are encouraged to engage with your institution through customized and personalized landing pages, which provide access to more information about the key topics that generated their email click in the first place.

We have seen the powerful results of this unique personalization and engaging approach. Our clients have achieved engagement rates dramatically higher than what they’ve achieved before. Over the course of a campaign, this translates to tens of thousands more touch points, deeper interest from prospective students, and eventually a more robust and committed applicant pool, likely to yield at stronger rates.

Reporting and Data

For each search campaign, Whiteboard provides engagement and results reports that detail the degree to which prospective students are interacting with your campaigns - and how many are engaging at each tier.

We work closely with our clients to make certain that they understand results in context and have all the information necessary to determine how best to follow up with the various tiers of engaged students at the conclusion of – or in parallel with – the search campaign.

Results and reporting are essential parts of our relationships with clients. We make certain that you know we are watching every single aspect of your campaign closely and will always act proactively to share information, ideas, and interpretations with you throughout the entire enrollment cycle.

Recruiting Parents — the New Normal

Today, parents are more involved in the college selection process than ever before. Our extensive research shows that parents are the most critical influencers on their children’s application and enrollment decisions, more so than guidance counselors, private college counselors, guidebooks, teachers, friends, or college admission counselors.

...parents are the most critical influencers on their children’s application and enrollment decisions

Student Search Mailer

At Whiteboard, we have developed a parent recruitment strategy aimed at engaging these important decision influencers early in the recruitment process. Whiteboard invites parents into the search campaign in tandem with students. To further bolster conversion and family engagement, we can further recruit the entire household and enhance brand awareness through strategic digital marketing.

A Unique Client Experience

The core ethos of Whiteboard is that we always strive to give more, care more and work harder for our clients then is traditionally expected of a search provider. Together we generate creative ideas and outstanding results. Our greatest assets are the intimate relationships that we share with our clients as well as our stellar reputation in the higher education industry.

We work hard every day to continue to earn our clients’ trust and take great pride in the work that we do on their behalf. Our clients’ successes are our successes.